Covid-19 is a global crisis that everyone is trying to deal with at their best potential, including the manufacturing industry. Since the timeline for the pandemic is unknown, it is time that the industries take charge of their manufacturing with new implementations. The government is also taking extreme measures to enforce social distancing. With millions of people stuck under complete or partial lockdown, the pandemic has forced society to change the ways of working, socializing, manufacture, sell, and consume products. While this is the time for us to stay calm and wait for the pandemic to pass away, it is also a time for ample opportunities for growth.

Covid-19 has already provided growth to a number of consumer trends like online learning, streaming services, video communication, and most important of all, work from home. While this is temporary, if the critical mass of consumers gets comfortable with these behaviours, it is more likely that the same will continue for years to come.


The short term effects on manufacturers

Manufacturing industry was not ready for the pandemic, and it hit the manufacturers when their guards were down. Today the demand, supply, and workforce are affected at the same time. Some companies have closed due to their struggle to meet the demands driven by panic buying. Others are facing dramatic drops in demand and have extreme pressure to cut operational costs. The major manufacturers are facing trouble with their supply chains of raw materials and product parts.

Another problem that the manufacturing industry is facing is the unavailability of enough employees. 40-50% of their workforce is unavailable to perform their functions on the site. Due to the lack of digital tools in many factories, it is difficult for them to continue their manufacturing with fewer members.

Long-term effects on manufacturers

Due to the pandemic, the companies are looking for a short-term situation. But it is also important that they are prepared for long-term plans which might become permanent for the industries. Many manufactures have already implemented many trends.

Automated domestic manufacturing

domestic manufacturing

Domestic manufacturing can be a part of the plan that will help build strategic resilience in the current crisis. The companies which rely on off-shore supplies may face trouble in receiving their batches in the coming years. Due to this reason, the government is encouraging people to get back to domestic manufacturing which will help them become self-reliant.

Digitization as a competitive advantage

The AI and IoT technologies have advanced in the past decade, which has opened new opportunities in every field, including manufacturing. They show tremendous efficiency in predictability, flexibility, capacity and availability. According to the report, the AI and IoT embedded factories are already generating 7% more revenue due to quick manufacturing. Digitizing the factories is the future that we are looking at right now.


Today, property owners across the United Kingdom possess a powerful tool to help confirm radon levels in homes and businesses. Radon, a colorless and odorless gas, exists naturally within the soil in many places around the world. Some regions of the UK contain extensive radon deposits, in fact.

Radon frequently seeps into homes and businesses through basements and cellars. It makes sense to test for radon levels periodically. Today, health experts in the UK believe exposure to radon sometimes contributes to some breathing problems, including lung cancers. Read more about this topic (including the dangers of radon) at


The Value of Radon Testing


Fortunately, today some excellent kits permit property owners to test homes and businesses for the presence of radon. Realty owners who detect the presence of this gas find it helpful to explore remediation measures. Radonova markets affordably priced, high quality testing kits across the United Kingdom. The company encourages real estate owners to take action on this issue.


Consider just some of the customers who benefit by performing radon testing in the United Kingdom:


  • Landlords;
  • Property Management Companies;
  • Homeowners;
  • Realty Brokerage Firms;
  • Daycare Centers (and More).

Essentially, anyone concerned about lung cancer risks should consider obtaining radon testing services. Radonova makes this process convenient and effective!


About Radonova


The Radonova company traces its origins back to the period of the Soviet Chernobyl nuclear accident. After one of a nuclear power plant’s reactors overheated, the facility experienced a disaster. A meltdown occurred, and the damaged power plant spewed dangerous levels of radiation across the Ukraine and adjoining regions. In 1986 in Sweden, the government responded by asking scientists to help monitor radiation levels. This request eventually led to the formation of the Landauer Nordic and Gammadata Mätteknik research company, the ancestor of the modern firm Radonova.


Today, Radonova maintains a state-of-the-art testing laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden. Customers who select Radonova testing kits for homes and businesses in the UK can have the results verified by this respected lab. Imagine the peace of mind a property owner feels confirming whether radon poses a hazard in a basement, a cellar, or a crawl space. In some cases, radon even penetrates through the lower levels of homes. Only by conducting accurate initial radon testing can residents begin to tackle this problem. Significant advances have occurred in remediating radon in homes and workplaces during recent years.


Experience The Radonova Difference


As a colorless and odorless threat, radon gas circulating through a home or business may fail to attract the attention of residents. Yet this material sometimes kills otherwise healthy individuals. In the UK alone last year, radon gas accounted for the deaths of an estimated 1,100 people from lung cancer.

Doesn’t it make sense to test for this potentially lethal threat? Consider visiting soon. Choose the best testing kit to help protect your real estate!


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